True story–my dog almost died on me last night. She wasn’t a young dog, with fourteen human years on her collar, and so it wasn’t really that much of a shock, considering she’s had a serious surgery already, and more lumps than I can count. But no matter how logical I am, and how much I justify that it’s just her time, it still felt like it was too early for me to be losing my faithful friend. I know all dog lovers will say that their dog is the best, but honestly, Toma (my labrador) is probably in the top five best dogs ever in terms of good behavior. She never complains, never gets grumpy, has never threatened to bite anybody, eats what we serve (even when I spike her dog food with guyabano juice, which is supposed to help her fight cancer cells) and greets me with her best smile even when I’ve been a bit forgetful of her. So, in honor of my beautiful dog, I wrote my experience down in the form of a poem. Enjoy!