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by Anj CP | Love Poems and Other Mushy Stuff



Blurred Lines

I thought it was very clear to us

Where we stood.

That we’d only be together

If it made sense.

If it were convenient for you,

And it was convenient for me,

We’d do lunch.

Or if you needed to talk

And I had some time to kill,

I’d listen to your stories.

But lately I’ve noticed,

I’d stay up later than I would have

To hear your voice on the phone.

Worse, I’d hop on a train without hesitation

To eat with you.

I don’t know if I’ve crossed the line

Or if that line is still there

Now that I wish handshakes became

Hands held.

In Between

Did I need to be happier?

I certainly didn’t think so.

I honestly thought I couldn’t want

for anything more.

I went to where my feet took me;

Ate what my stomach told me;

Sang when my spirit moved me.

And then you came along

Like a stone on a paved path

Tripping my footing.

Now, I walk the line

between bliss and anguish

Never sure of where to stand.

AnjCP 2017

Love is a Many-Flavored Thing

When I began this compilation of love poems, I thought to myself, love really is a many-flavored thing. And being Filipino, where food rivals religion in importance, I think that many can relate. When you are in-love for the very first time, love hits you as sweet, sometimes puke-inducingly sweet, the kind even sweet-toothed people shy away from. At times, it can be salty too, especially after a recent fight, where your mouth swallows not only buckets of tears, but also oodles of snot from dramatic bouts of crying only soap opera stars can rival. And then there’s sour–the green, bile-like taste left in your mouth after catching your beloved twisting his neck over the cutie in the next table. And when love is finally lost, it leaves an undeniably, no-matter-how-many-times-you-brush, bitter taste in your mouth.But hey, that’s love for you…throw in everything you’ve got and you get the most wonderful,interesting, vile, exotic, pungent,unforgettable flavors. And what is life without its flavors?


This is the year that I commit to writing!

Yes, I promised myself this year that I would write at home, in the car, when I walk…in short, I promised to actively engage myself in the process of writing. There are days when it’s hard. I feel like I’ve squeezed all the juice in me, and there is none left to write. But there are times, especially when I walk early in the morning, that clarity ensues, and yes, ideas flow! So, be it an easy day, or a hard day, I promise that I will make writing a habit.

I created this new blog because these poems are not particularly for kids. It is a compilation of my earliest poems growing up, as well as new ones I’ve written along the way. In this little space, on top of everything else that clutters my life, I have made room for the simple joy of writing.

I hope that through this, you find what you want to make room for in you life as well =) Happy Reading!

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