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by Anj CP | Love Poems and Other Mushy Stuff


unrequited love

In My Favor

I didn’t know what unfair meant until I saw Her…

With her twinkling eyes, her tinkling laugh

and her svelte form that apart from couture,

only You could touch

As I seek to read your face, I realize you are

captivated by her bright eyes, her delicious laugh

and her lithe body.

And I know envy has me.

The world is unfair, a truth as old as time.

But why can’t it ever be in my favor?

She can have it all–grace, beauty and wit

But can I have you?

© 2016 Anj CP

The Wait

A mere eight letters

Three short words strung together

One sentence that can be said in a breath. 

And yet…

You simply can’t say it.

And I have tried

To be the patient bride, 

Fooled myself to say

That it doesn’t matter anyway.

But if you could be so kind

Please do me this favor

Let’s clean the slate

Don’t make me wait.

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