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sweet love

Not An Easy Question to Answer


Together is Better

This is a tale

of a half that wasn’t


and a whole that wasn’t


Happy it was, humming

the song that was in its head.

It lived its life not

in wanting;

And its days not spent

in waiting.

But once the half

came along,

the whole found

its old song

with new combinations,

exciting variations

of which it never sounded so.

Every note was the same,

but it leapt with a vigor

From where it didn’t know.

Apart they were good,

But together they were better.

A choice was then made

to be together forever.

Happy for You

To be frank, it took a while

for me to be the Bigger person,

to acknowledge that the

part I played in our destruction

may have been small,

but that maybe it ate at you,

chip by chip.

And for a time, I just got so

tired of picking up the pieces

of our brokenness and

sweeping them under the

rug of my shame—

my shame of never having

to keep things whole, to

see every love story

play out to its worst ending.

But once I allowed myself to be happy

that you had found the person

who steadied your intrepid heart,

I realized that I could rest easier at night,

knowing one less broken-hearted soul

and hoping that when I finally get it right,

it will have all been worth it.

Love and Chaos

When you say,

“Let’s wipe the slate clean,”

does that mean

we throw everything away?

Because yes,

we made a mess.

But it was a fabulous riot

of proportions hard to forget.

So do we just let

all those go?

I say No.

No to keeping things all

neat and clean

and in boxes.

Every day, I uncover more of you.

As I go through your mess

and you go through mine,

I find more and more things

to love about us.

Yes to this ruckus.

Almost There

We are standing on the precipice

of something truly spectacular.

The compelling anticipation is

almost too much to bear.

And eyes have seen and lips have spoken

a future both bright and quite fragile

So I must wait with steadfast faith,

with deliberate care.

I picture your face as I draw breaths,

willing patience as you to come to the

inevitable conclusion of which

I am fully aware.

We are a union made to exceed

the vastness of all universes.

Take my hands, hold my heart, dear

Let me take you there.

At Love’s Mercy

When I find him,

I will love him without reservation,

With wild abandon.

Because how can I not?

When you witness something so absolute and breathtaking

Do you stand on the sidelines and feel lukewarm about it?

No, you take it all in and bathe in the glow of its beauty.

No matter how fleeting it may be,

I want to throw myself at love’s mercy.

Grand Gestures

You were always the romantic

You pack poems with my meal

You scribble endearing love notes

You never hide how you feel.


I wanted to reciprocate

I didn’t want to be outdone

And so I planned this grand gesture

To show I was the sweeter one.


I made a hundred paper cranes

Set to fly over your head

You’d come home to fragrant petals

All leading up to our bed


A love gram of three grown men

Dressed in matching candy-striped shirts

Followed by a choir of angels

In their halos and long, white skirts


All I wanted was to best you

In your every loving thought

I wanted to outspend you

In all the things you bought


I forgot along the way

That you never meant to compete

That our love for each other

Was what made us complete


Now I have the simplest sorry

To whisper softly in your ear

I don’t need to offer the world

Just you and me here.


I’ve come back

To the scene of a crime

To comb the area,

To look for any sign

Of something that happened

A few moons ago.

To ask any witness

Of what they might know

Broken blades of grass

Show where he stood

Carving out initials

On a dry piece of wood

Crushed and wilted petals

I found beneath a tree

Crumpled candy wrappers

I saw maybe three.

The wick of a candle

That burned so bright

The smell of sweet wine

To cap off the night.

There in plain view

You don’t need to be smart

You can tell this was where

A man stole my heart.

Boring, but Beautiful

I don’t think our love story

Is always going to be a Paris rendezvous

And don’t expect my pants to be dropping

At the mere sight of you.

You won’t be spouting poetry over my beauty

Every single day.

Or promise me the stars and the moon

On a silver tray.


I think it will be more like us, sipping coffee

With our fingers entwined.

Or you sleeping in a few more minutes

And I wouldn’t mind.

It’s your comforting shoulder

When I come home exhausted.

And me, stroking your hair

As we go to bed.


It will be our morning fruit shakes together

As we trade stories of our dreams.

Or you brushing off stray hair from my face

As I fix our office things.

It will be us not leaving the house

Without a goodbye kiss.

It’s these everyday things we share

That fill my life with bliss.

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