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by Anj CP | Love Poems and Other Mushy Stuff


puppy love

From the Desk of a Lovesick Fifth Grader

My love, 

My hand quivers as I write this

Because our teacher is attentive

And wishes no distraction. 
But how can I not be distracted

When you squint at the board

And I want to read aloud what 

You cannot see? 
When you soft hair strays 

To your face 

And all I want to do 

Is tuck the strands behind your ear? 
When I am waiting 

For the bell to toll 

So that I could walk behind you

To the canteen
And as I ruminate on how

To end this letter, 

I am equally anxious 

Of what you will say. 
How trivial that my fate

Rests on this airplane-shaped note

And as it soars to you

My heart soars with it. 

Not Again

Cottony balls of fluff now fill my brain

There’s a rainbow after every shower of rain

I hear a string quartet through a blare of horns

All I see is a rose amidst a bush of thorns

A burst of flavor in every burger bite

In a tunnel of darkness, a pin of light

A warm cup of coffee, the cooing of a dove

Oh my, not again, I think that I’m in love!

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