Make Room for Poetry

by Anj CP | Love Poems and Other Mushy Stuff


poetry for adults

Shared Air

We are a tumble of breaths,

Each not knowing where one starts and one ends.

with your every inhale, my ribs are pulled in,

And in my every exhale it is your breath I smell on me,

We are so close, we share the same air.

Valentine’s Day (and I am Alone)

Walk away

There’s a disaster waiting to happen

Of a magnitude only the heartbroken

Will understand.

Look away

Avert your eyes from the carnage

A parade of lovers in their carriage

Taunting the bereaved.

Run away

But still, the stench of despair

Will follow you anywhere.

How long the day.

@2017 Anj CP

Rule Breaker

She’ll break the rules

She’ll use all tools 

To make you glance

To take a chance

She’ll fill your mind

With words so kind

Put you at ease

Show skin to tease

Be smart, be cute

Spout words of truth

She’ll be your all…

But please don’t fall.

Fall from her grace, 

And you will face

A wild banshee

A thrashing tree

She’ll kick, she’ll bite

Howl in the night

Don’t cross her path,

Incur her wrath,

My heart’s no fool

She’ll break all rules.

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