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This is why I don’t just throw trash away

I wrote a couple of days ago that I really have a difficult time sorting and deciding which of my piles of assorted scratch paper (a.k.a. trash) to throw away. And today validated why it’s important that I keep these scraps of random thought scribbled on any paper that I could find–sometimes, I am able to awaken half-baked ideas that I weren’t able to finish the first time around. Just like the poem/social commentary I wrote for today (see The Stress of (Social) Climbing). I initially wrote it with just two lines each, and I didn’t really know where I was going with it at that time. But now, ten years (or more) later, I know exactly what I was trying to say. In short, I am back to where I started–compiling scraps of paper, and not throwing any of them out. Hahaha =) Good luck to me!

Where to Stash My Trash

I am in the midst of moving to a different house so I have to endure packing my things away. There is an upside though–I get to unearth the piles of things that I have forgotten I owned. Some discovered items are cleaned and lovingly stored away again, while others go to the “DONATE” or “TRASH” bins. However, no matter how much I convince myself to throw or donate more items than I repack, I find it difficult to get rid of some stuff (specifically, paper with scribbles of writing on them). I have found bits of paper with short poems on them, receipts with a paragraph of a story, paper bags with words that sounded interesting when strung together. I have amassed a lot of drafts, and frankly, I’m afraid to throw even just one scrap of paper for fear of losing an important thought. In the meantime, I am storing some of my works in my tablet. Maybe having a digital copy will make it easier for me to let go of my paper stash…maybe. I wonder what others do with all their drafts?

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