Make Room for Poetry

by Anj CP | Love Poems and Other Mushy Stuff


love story

At An Angle

At a certain angle, our love looks smooth and perfect.

But up close, it is lines crashing upon each other,

Edges jutting out,

Sharp and dangerous.

It is not the kind that will survive scrutiny.

In Our Twilight

If I had met you

in our youth,

Oh the places

we would have roamed together

And how many changes of colors

and tastes and sights

we would have shared.

But still,

I am thankful to have met you

in my twilight

Where blurred lights make the lines

on my face softer

And your hands steady mine.

All This Time

I used to fill my days to the brim

Never giving a moment’s pause,

Ignoring your gentle tugging;

Your antics, always trying to

steer my attention; stealing what

Limited time I have to climb that

golden ladder with no end in sight.

Don’t you understand how precious

my time is and how

the softness of your lips;

Your warm breath on my ear;

Even your delicious sweat

Are all unwelcome distractions?

But now, how odd that what I thought

I didn’t have enough of, I have in such abundance;

Now I spend days hugging unwashed sheets;

Inhaling the scent from the clothes you left behind;

Remembering the words you breathed in my ear.

What will I do now with all this time?

That’s Love

You know that feeling—

When you witness the soft light of the sun’s first rays,

Or the glorious pearl luminescence of the full moon

And it’s baiting you to take

That perfect Instagrammable shot

But you don’t take it…

You’re not even tempted.

Because there’s someone beside you

Who takes your full attention

And he’s the only one you want to

Share that moment with…

That’s love.

Grand Gestures

You were always the romantic

You pack poems with my meal

You scribble endearing love notes

You never hide how you feel.


I wanted to reciprocate

I didn’t want to be outdone

And so I planned this grand gesture

To show I was the sweeter one.


I made a hundred paper cranes

Set to fly over your head

You’d come home to fragrant petals

All leading up to our bed


A love gram of three grown men

Dressed in matching candy-striped shirts

Followed by a choir of angels

In their halos and long, white skirts


All I wanted was to best you

In your every loving thought

I wanted to outspend you

In all the things you bought


I forgot along the way

That you never meant to compete

That our love for each other

Was what made us complete


Now I have the simplest sorry

To whisper softly in your ear

I don’t need to offer the world

Just you and me here.

The Price I Paid

I paid too high a fee

For the chance to be set free

A square and even trade

I smugly thought I made


Exchanged a single heart

For a bag of false starts

And now I’m left to grieve

For the one I can’t retrieve


I paid dearly for my choice

Wish I went beyond the noise

All my lives I would spend

If our love I could mend.

One Fine Spring Day (Aboard a Time Machine)

I see you in your tailored suit and your slicked back hair

Your eyes are shiny with unshed tears

As you hold the hand of a woman

As white as the gown she wears

And I want to tell that woman

That you will become wrapped in work

That you will drool buckets in your sleep

That you will hurt her sometimes because of your lack of empathy

That you will stay out with your friends far too long

That you will read novels in the toilet while she squirms

But I will also have to tell her

That you will plan elaborate surprises

That you will discover your artistic voice

That you will find your passion

That you will grow more handsome with time

That you will give her three bundles of unceasing joy

And so I allow her to keep holding your hand

And to say yes,

And I let things unfold as they should.

It Starts Out as Friendship

We are five rows and three seats apart
But there is an understanding between us
That results in our synchronized snorts of laughter
Every time our English teacher mispronounces a word
Like clockwork, your head turns to mine
When the class know-it-all gives a long, confusing answer to a simple question
Right on schedule, you drop by the clinic
To check up on my tummy ache after an extemporaneous speech
And while you still have no clue, I have already known for quite some time
That we are writing the greatest love story that has yet to be told.

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