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by Anj CP | Love Poems and Other Mushy Stuff



How to Break Up During a Quarantine

  1. Say you lost your pass.
  2. Say your data plan sucks.
  3. Say your place is in “hard lockdown.”

She’ll soon figure out you’re a nonessential.

Our Cat Needs Closure

Me? I’m fine. Really.

But if there’s a karma god out there

watching over broken pets,

you better know what to say.

You broke our cat.

Every day, she walks around the house in a daze.

In want of an explanation

of why she’s no longer getting those

ear rubs, the kind that makes her purr.

Of why she’s no longer seeing two pairs

of legs under the dinner table.

Of why her sleep isn’t interrupted

by your stubby face buried on her belly.

She peers into my eyes with her head slightly tilted

waiting for an answer that I don’t have.

Maybe it’s time you tell her

what happened to us.

Love Conspiracy Theory

I think I have figured things out

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong
You have formed an alliance
A group, five to six men strong
Composed of all my exes
And the could-have-beens
And together you have conspired
To rob me of my dreams.
You have connived to place me
In perpetual dissatisfaction
To keep my standards low
And to lessen expectations.
You swore to leave me in the dark
Probably dropped me a forgetful pill or two
So that I would go back again and again
To men always sort of like you.
Well, I am on to your devious plot
I deserve better, I truly believe
This girl has seen the last of your lot
Pack up your wares and leave.

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