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heart breaker

Our Cat Needs Closure

Me? I’m fine. Really.

But if there’s a karma god out there

watching over broken pets,

you better know what to say.

You broke our cat.

Every day, she walks around the house in a daze.

In want of an explanation

of why she’s no longer getting those

ear rubs, the kind that makes her purr.

Of why she’s no longer seeing two pairs

of legs under the dinner table.

Of why her sleep isn’t interrupted

by your stubby face buried on her belly.

She peers into my eyes with her head slightly tilted

waiting for an answer that I don’t have.

Maybe it’s time you tell her

what happened to us.

Rule Breaker

She’ll break the rules

She’ll use all tools 

To make you glance

To take a chance

She’ll fill your mind

With words so kind

Put you at ease

Show skin to tease

Be smart, be cute

Spout words of truth

She’ll be your all…

But please don’t fall.

Fall from her grace, 

And you will face

A wild banshee

A thrashing tree

She’ll kick, she’ll bite

Howl in the night

Don’t cross her path,

Incur her wrath,

My heart’s no fool

She’ll break all rules.

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