Make Room for Poetry

by Anj CP | Love Poems and Other Mushy Stuff



Of Food and Love

It is not an easy replacement

of food over love.

While desserts are a delight to my tongue

(and so has your kisses),

And soup can warm my belly

(as your hand on it can do),

food will never pay me a compliment

or stare at me deliciously.

Falling in love with food is a one-sided affair…

which is what ours has become.

The Demise of My Diet

Curse this holiday

And its delicious, ridiculous food

And now I am back to eating

This sweet white grain

The bane of my waist

What waist? You say

What a waste of all my

New clothes

That was to go with

My new New Year body

Oh well, farewell diet

Better luck next year, I suppose.

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