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by Anj CP | Love Poems and Other Mushy Stuff


broken heart


You are my unfinished story.
When I tried to get back to you, 

I found out that I had lost the thread 

Of my thoughts.

I had forgotten why I was pursuing this piece.

Now you are just a string of words

that for a time sounded interesting to me.

Sense of Entitlement

Why do you feel entitled to my love?

You, who never made an effort beyond what was convenient? 

And now that I understand my worth, 

I’m supposed to jump hoops for the scraps you throw at me? 

Keep your love. And I’ll keep mine.

Lost (inspired by Dali)

How has time melted between the spaces of my hands?
The same ones that used to hold on to yours?

Have I taken too much of time’s time? 

Have I given you too much space?

I thought if I were still, you’d come running back…

But time doesn’t turn back

And neither did you..

Now both of you are lost to me.

Third Wheel

I’m excusing myself from this table

Because it feels like I’m intruding

Into a private conversation.

While I made the introduction, 

I have come to the realization

That this was a dinner meant 

For a party of two. 
It’s useless to interject

Because I can not be funnier

Or wittier

Or more interesting

Than this woman who’s ability

To look bored and pout

Has held you spellbound.
I am walking away now

Just call me when you wake up..

Or don’t. 

Because by the time you realize

That this talking mannequin 

Has moved on to other interests, 

I would have moved on as well. 

Are We History?

There are pressed petals

Between the pages of my diary

A box of movie stubs

A bundle of anniversary cards

Scrapbooks filled

With pictures of us

On our travels

With friends

Stars in our eyes

Entwined hands

Pressed bodies

Are you sure you’re ready 

To close the book on us?

Is our love a thing of the past? 

Dear Considerate Ex

It’s okay, you don’t have to ask 
How my day was

Or check if I’ve arrived home

After my night class

The dog’s fine, too. 

He’s running after his ball again

And the car’s running smoothly

I’ve learned a few things since then. 

I hope the baby’s doing well

I’m sure you’ve been a great dad

And the wife’s been taking care of you

You deserve all that you have.

Just wanted to say, it’s time for you to go your way

I was hurt, but now I see

That life’s been good to me. 

Not That Sorry

You know how some people just naturally flow into each other?
How their conversations, however often or seldom, feel effortless?
While I’ve never assumed that ours would ever be that simple,
I thought it would grow into something more familiar.
But still, after all this time, your words of love for me sound contrived.
Your touch feels more and more foreign.
And I’ve realized that while I’m sorry to have dragged this on for so long,
I’m not sorry enough to stay.

Anybody’s Guess

Nobody could have predicted it

Not even a crystal ball

I thought you’d always kiss my feet

In for the long haul


I certainly kept you on your toes

Took delight in your misery

How you lasted this long

Is certainly a mystery


I waved a carrot across your face

Tied it to a very long stick

I thought I had better options

Assumed I could have my pick


My friends didn’t fail to warn me

Playing with fire is unwise

But you seemed to be determined

To win my heart as the prize


I was speecheless when I realized

My heart’s been cheering for you all along

While my mouth mocked and teased you,

It was silently singing your love song.


And just when I was ready to surrender

You threw the towel in defeat

I am left with my heart in my hand

Eating my own conceit.

Let’s Talk

No bullshit, no backtalk

Let’s just take a walk.

No jokes, no banter

Don’t give me a cold shoulder.

Just tell me straight to my face

Why there is this space

That no amount of hand holding,

No cuddling, no body rubbing

Could erase.


And I fear

The close is near

Without me even knowing

What caused this gaping


Where do I start to trace

What went wrong

Or for how long

We will pretend

Until it all just ends…


Let’s talk, please.

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