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bitter love

The Invitation

I received my parchment today

An invitation from you.

It said you’re getting married

Something we never got around to

I was surprised I was invited

I didn’t know we were ‘there’ yet

It’s either your bride is just that kind.

Or frankly, I’m not really a threat

It will take a lot of swallowing

To keep my pride down

But I want to see you at your best

And your bride in her gown.

And I will allow my tears to fall

So that when you look, you will know

Etched on my face is pure regret

For ever letting you go.

The Price I Paid

I paid too high a fee

For the chance to be set free

A square and even trade

I smugly thought I made


Exchanged a single heart

For a bag of false starts

And now I’m left to grieve

For the one I can’t retrieve


I paid dearly for my choice

Wish I went beyond the noise

All my lives I would spend

If our love I could mend.

What Could Have Been

A book in hand

As we share coffee In bed

Or your head

Rested on my chest

Oh the things

That could’ve been

Toes in the sand

Boating in rafts

Or walking cobbled paths

Mats on the grass

As we picnic in the park

The places we could

Have seen
My love, my dear

I’m always here

I’m sorry, I’m yours

The words we could

Have said

Are just all in my head


My apologies if it looks like I’m still hurting

I never meant for you to feel discomfort

But when I saw the rock on my best friend’s finger

I felt the emptiness on mine.

I’m sorry you witnessed me wipe a tear away

Believe me, I tried to hide it.

But when I got a whiff of your perfume on her shirt

I remembered your head on my pillow.

I regret having told you that I was a good sport

That I was happy for your happiness

And now, I am stuck pathetically pretending

That I’m glad you didn’t choose me.


Two flies meet
In the heat
Of the afternoon.

Buzzing with delight
In the light
Of the day.

And I…

Have no one to hold
In the cold
Of the night.

Coffee Gone Old

Coffee Gone Old

I grabbed an empty cup,
Spooned sugar and cream
I added brewed coffee
And watched the swirls of steam

Rich and bold aroma
Woke up the air
The coffee scorched my tongue
It was too hot to bear.

It went back to its cup
Just then the phone rang.
He told me once again
It’s time we made a plan.

I had things on my plate,
I just couldn’t say
Bitter words filled my ears
He set me free that day.

I went back to my cup
The coffee now cold
It never is the same
When your love has grown old.

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