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bitter love

Always Lying

I say I still love you

And you say you still love me.

But we are always lying.

Sometimes it’s me

And sometimes it’s you

But we both pretend we believe

so that we don’t hurt each other.

Someday our lies

Will catch up to us

And then who will we lie to?


It was the same road,

But a different direction.

It was the same words,

But a different intention.

When I look back

I find myself in contention

If all that ever was

my mind’s own creation.

Not An Easy Question to Answer

Of Food and Love

It is not an easy replacement

of food over love.

While desserts are a delight to my tongue

(and so has your kisses),

And soup can warm my belly

(as your hand on it can do),

food will never pay me a compliment

or stare at me deliciously.

Falling in love with food is a one-sided affair…

which is what ours has become.

Happy for You

To be frank, it took a while

for me to be the Bigger person,

to acknowledge that the

part I played in our destruction

may have been small,

but that maybe it ate at you,

chip by chip.

And for a time, I just got so

tired of picking up the pieces

of our brokenness and

sweeping them under the

rug of my shame—

my shame of never having

to keep things whole, to

see every love story

play out to its worst ending.

But once I allowed myself to be happy

that you had found the person

who steadied your intrepid heart,

I realized that I could rest easier at night,

knowing one less broken-hearted soul

and hoping that when I finally get it right,

it will have all been worth it.

A Messy Aftermath 

This is thing…I saw this coming

A mile away.

And yet, I chose to stay

It was all for wrong reasons

Masked as good intentions

Because I couldn’t make

The decision to break

Things off.

Maybe it was for my mom’s sake

And the dog’s too

And my friends’ dreams

Of what might have seemed

Like #goals. 

Now that it’s over, 

How hard to sweep under

All the hearts that we broke.

Not That Sorry

You know how some people just naturally flow into each other?
How their conversations, however often or seldom, feel effortless?
While I’ve never assumed that ours would ever be that simple,
I thought it would grow into something more familiar.
But still, after all this time, your words of love for me sound contrived.
Your touch feels more and more foreign.
And I’ve realized that while I’m sorry to have dragged this on for so long,
I’m not sorry enough to stay.

Anybody’s Guess

Nobody could have predicted it

Not even a crystal ball

I thought you’d always kiss my feet

In for the long haul


I certainly kept you on your toes

Took delight in your misery

How you lasted this long

Is certainly a mystery


I waved a carrot across your face

Tied it to a very long stick

I thought I had better options

Assumed I could have my pick


My friends didn’t fail to warn me

Playing with fire is unwise

But you seemed to be determined

To win my heart as the prize


I was speecheless when I realized

My heart’s been cheering for you all along

While my mouth mocked and teased you,

It was silently singing your love song.


And just when I was ready to surrender

You threw the towel in defeat

I am left with my heart in my hand

Eating my own conceit.

Let’s Talk

No bullshit, no backtalk

Let’s just take a walk.

No jokes, no banter

Don’t give me a cold shoulder.

Just tell me straight to my face

Why there is this space

That no amount of hand holding,

No cuddling, no body rubbing

Could erase.


And I fear

The close is near

Without me even knowing

What caused this gaping


Where do I start to trace

What went wrong

Or for how long

We will pretend

Until it all just ends…


Let’s talk, please.

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