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adult poetry

Sense of Entitlement

Why do you feel entitled to my love?

You, who never made an effort beyond what was convenient? 

And now that I understand my worth, 

I’m supposed to jump hoops for the scraps you throw at me? 

Keep your love. And I’ll keep mine.


If I’m being scientific about it, 

I don’t think I have a reason to be sad. 

Because in some other world,

We were not just a possibility. 

Better than She Can

Its your kind demeanor

And your quiet candor

That she doesn’t quite see

It’s your sense of humor

Your good eye for color

That misses her completely

She’s all style, no substance

Best viewed from a distance

Can you really be this blind?

She’s an empty vessel

A trophy, a tassel

But you don’t seem to mind

I roll my eyes and sigh

You’re such a stupid guy

Why’d you ever settle?

You’ve had me from the start

It tears my soul apart

Because I can love you better.

© 2016 Anj CP

Mercury in Retrograde

 A planet slowing down

and wrecking amused havoc

on my senses

must be the reason

for this temporary lapse in judgment.

As I woke up alone,

messy and confused,

I hoped that the shadow of a

band on my finger would

solidify into gold again.

I blame this cosmic fluke

for the things that I said

but didn’t mean.

And now clarity ensues,

leaving me stunned and unwilling

to accept your hasty departure.

Mercury is now back on its

course, so can we also

go back to ours?

© 2016 Anj CP


Anybody’s Guess

Nobody could have predicted it

Not even a crystal ball

I thought you’d always kiss my feet

In for the long haul


I certainly kept you on your toes

Took delight in your misery

How you lasted this long

Is certainly a mystery


I waved a carrot across your face

Tied it to a very long stick

I thought I had better options

Assumed I could have my pick


My friends didn’t fail to warn me

Playing with fire is unwise

But you seemed to be determined

To win my heart as the prize


I was speecheless when I realized

My heart’s been cheering for you all along

While my mouth mocked and teased you,

It was silently singing your love song.


And just when I was ready to surrender

You threw the towel in defeat

I am left with my heart in my hand

Eating my own conceit.

Someday, Just Not Today

I will get over you someday,

But not today.

Because the laundry room is blowing

the scent of your fabric softener in my nose.


I will forget about you soon,

But just not now.

Because the driveway still has your footprints

from when you stepped on the oil of our rusty car.


I will move on eventually,

Just not as quickly.

Because the cupboard still has your favorite cereals,

the one that I’ve grown to like.


And even if I sold each little scrap of memory I have of you,

shred every bit of evidence of the existence of us,

it will still take me many lifetimes to finally move on.

Friendship Band

I placed each bead

On my sweaty hand

While a slender sliver of silver 

Passed through each hole.

In the wee hours of the night, 

I finished two identical strands

I pulled it tight to test its strength.

And before he flew to Cebu, 

(a place I had never been to)

I carefully tied one to his ankle

And he tied the other to mine.

As the band swings with my foot,

Its knots graze my skin,

Reminding me that it’s just there.

Let’s Talk

No bullshit, no backtalk

Let’s just take a walk.

No jokes, no banter

Don’t give me a cold shoulder.

Just tell me straight to my face

Why there is this space

That no amount of hand holding,

No cuddling, no body rubbing

Could erase.


And I fear

The close is near

Without me even knowing

What caused this gaping


Where do I start to trace

What went wrong

Or for how long

We will pretend

Until it all just ends…


Let’s talk, please.


I’ve come back

To the scene of a crime

To comb the area,

To look for any sign

Of something that happened

A few moons ago.

To ask any witness

Of what they might know

Broken blades of grass

Show where he stood

Carving out initials

On a dry piece of wood

Crushed and wilted petals

I found beneath a tree

Crumpled candy wrappers

I saw maybe three.

The wick of a candle

That burned so bright

The smell of sweet wine

To cap off the night.

There in plain view

You don’t need to be smart

You can tell this was where

A man stole my heart.

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