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adult poem

Romancing the Undead

Oh to be in love with the undead is a tricky business

How do I wipe the cringe from my face every time you trace it with a cold finger? 

How do I hold your unblinking gaze?

How do I look unfazed when you stare at me with steely blankness?

But I love you beyond warmth, beyond life, beyond time 

And my singular hope is that this burning yearning, my passion unending is enough to bring the blush back to your cheeks, the warmth of your kisses on my neck, the longing in your loins. 

Until those dreams come true, I share my breath with you. 

© 2016 Anj CP

*A late Halloween-inspired love poem 😊

As Long as Time

On a bend or at my breath’s end

I can’t pretend I don’t want to spend

All of my hours with you. 

Let the world stare for all I care
I wouldn’t dare, can’t even spare

A minute without you.

I simply can’t hide what’s inside

Even if I tried, my heart’s tied

Every second to you. 


I feel a tickle down my spine

Each time

I catch you looking at me

As if I were someone interesting

It gets me thinking

If there’s more to me

Than what I see

I feel a bit feverish, I must admit

When your touch lingers a bit longer

Than what is proper

As if I were a sexy nymph

Is that what you think?

I giggle like I’m bubbly champagne

When your attention never wanes

Or waivers when I speak

Like you can’t keep

Your hands away

Like you’ll stay

By my side for always


© 2016 Anj CP


I’ve come back

To the scene of a crime

To comb the area,

To look for any sign

Of something that happened

A few moons ago.

To ask any witness

Of what they might know

Broken blades of grass

Show where he stood

Carving out initials

On a dry piece of wood

Crushed and wilted petals

I found beneath a tree

Crumpled candy wrappers

I saw maybe three.

The wick of a candle

That burned so bright

The smell of sweet wine

To cap off the night.

There in plain view

You don’t need to be smart

You can tell this was where

A man stole my heart.

I Like You. Period.

I don’t play with my words
Like I don’t play with my food

I’m not really the type

Who swings with every mood

Let me just put it bluntly

You’ve been in my thoughts

Lately my mind’s been adrift 

I’m feeling kind of lost

I’ve determined that I like you

Don’t read more to what’s been said.

Don’t let my slight endearment

Get way over your head

Will it turn into love?

That I really can’t say.

I’m just happy to spend some time

But I take things day by day.

And if by chance you like me, too

That would be just fine.

But should you pass me up

The loss is not mine.

The Line

And I was caught

With the oldest line in the book–

“You look kinda familiar.”

And I thought

Maybe if I tried harder

You could erase the face before mine

But I shouldn’t have bothered.

For you, there are many familiar faces

But only one of hers.

When Love Told Me to be Patient

Before I would wonder

Why love came for you so early,

But for me, not as quickly.

Was it just because you were a greater beauty?

Or maybe I was not as clever and witty.

But now, it doesn’t matter.

Because love may not have been speedy

Like a tree, it grew slowly

But when it did, it engulfed me completely.

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