Make Room for Poetry

by Anj CP | Love Poems and Other Mushy Stuff

New Heart


Plan B

It would’ve helped if I knew from the get-go

that I wasn’t the one you saw yourself with down the line.

You were the only plan I have…I had.


I’ve swam deeper waters than this,

I’ve always found the shore.

I’ve tunneled out of darker holes,

healed from deeper cuts before;

climbed myself out of steeper cliffs,

skin to bone, my muscles sore.

Now my heart’s been badly broken,

thrown to fester in a moor,

I draw the strength of all my past

to find an open door.

I’ve worn and weathered many hurts

I’ll live through many more.

Running Circles

You have been running after me,

and I’ve been running after you.

It’s always been this crazy chase

a race made for two.

I’ve been growing tired

But to stop, I’m afraid to do.

What if you are running away

And I’m just chasing after you?

Almost There

We are standing on the precipice

of something truly spectacular.

The compelling anticipation is

almost too much to bear.

And eyes have seen and lips have spoken

a future both bright and quite fragile

So I must wait with steadfast faith,

with deliberate care.

I picture your face as I draw breaths,

willing patience as you to come to the

inevitable conclusion of which

I am fully aware.

We are a union made to exceed

the vastness of all universes.

Take my hands, hold my heart, dear

Let me take you there.


For the beautiful stories you’ve woven

through your words and works of art;

For the people whose days have been

brighter because of you—thank you!

It is late, and how I feel I’ve been robbed,

by your passing

because you shared your light,

even when at times you had very little

to keep for yourself.

*A brief pause from my usual love poems to say thank you to those who have left the world all too quickly.

Before Anyone Else’s

This was our bench

in the middle of the park

where I’d lay on your lap,

reading a book

as you shielded my eyes

from the sun.

This was our tree

where you carved our initials.

You’d strum your guitar

and I’d hum along

as we shared sandwiches

and wishes.

This was our bed

with your sweat and saliva

on the pillow.

I’d bury my nose in it,

your scent made me

dizzy with delight.

This was our life

and it was just ours

before it was any one else’s.

Once upon a time,

I had your heart

before it was any one else’s.


You lower your hands to the side

of you hips

and your lips pucker

as you throw me a sideway glance.

You walk with a swagger

that is gracefully subtle

and yet deliberate.

Time stops as you hammer the

floor with your feet,

my heart feverishly beats

as the dance reaches a crescendo.

You pierce me with your eyes,

which is why

I widen our distance.

You must have confused

me with some other girl.

This is not my first time on the dance floor.

While it may seem like

you are dancing for me,

it’s correct to assume that

you dance best on your own.

Like New

Do not dwell on your despair, my heart

Let not the scars

of battles lost

impede you from beating.

Let not the nightmares

that haunt your sleep

stop you from dreaming.

Let not the cuts

of promises broken

obstruct you from hoping.

One day, my heart,

you will find the one

worthy of your collection of

scars and dreams and cuts.

And while this seems farthest from what’s true

One day, you will feel like new.

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