Make Room for Poetry

From the Desk of a Lovesick Fifth Grader

My love, 

My hand quivers as I write this

Because our teacher is attentive

And wishes no distraction. 
But how can I not be distracted

When you squint at the board

And I want to read aloud what 

You cannot see? 
When you soft hair strays 

To your face 

And all I want to do 

Is tuck the strands behind your ear? 
When I am waiting 

For the bell to toll 

So that I could walk behind you

To the canteen
And as I ruminate on how

To end this letter, 

I am equally anxious 

Of what you will say. 
How trivial that my fate

Rests on this airplane-shaped note

And as it soars to you

My heart soars with it. 


I’ve done the math…You know, where I add every moment your dimple made an appearance to a joke I just said, 

And I subtract all the gray moods we’ve ever had together

And I multiply how many times my body quakes with each kiss you give me

And I divide all the pizza slices we’ve shared. 

I’ve played out all the probabilities in every crossroad I could’ve taken

And the only one that makes sense is the road that has you in the end. 

Wayward Heart

My wayward heart

It played the part

Of fancy free

With ease and skill.

It danced along

Each piper’s song

But all too soon, 

It skipped, until
It met your heart

And thought it smart 

To prance along

And ride the thrill
But then it found

There was no ground

No place to go

No plain, no hill
In every space

It saw your face

How to forget

It could not will
Wayward no more

My heart is for

Your love alone

Now it is still. 

@2017 Anj CP

I Let My Hair Down

I’ve always been in the state

Of moderate happiness

The kind that doesn’t invite inquiry

Into the details of my life.

I tied every loose end

In a tight bun,

Like the way I did my hair

Neat and uncomplicated.

But in the secret recesses

Of my quiet heart,

I imagined what wildly happy

Might feel

And then I met you,

And sanity flew out the window

And all the ties I ever bound

Came loose

Now, I let my hair down

Let your fingers run through it

As waves of it cascade over my face,

I drown in your kisses.
@ 2017 Anj CP

Just in Case

Just in case

“I’ll call you later,”

Turns into tomorrow.

And tomorrow, 

Turns into “I’ll see you soon,”

And “I’ll see you soon”

Turns into Christmas cards

And Christmas cards

Turns into piles and piles 

Of calendars on the floor. 

I want to say, 

“I love you,”

Just in case it’s just 

Too hard to say goodbye.

@ 2017 Anj CP 

Star-Shaped Dreams

Valentine’s Day (and I am Alone)

Walk away

There’s a disaster waiting to happen

Of a magnitude only the heartbroken

Will understand.

Look away

Avert your eyes from the carnage

A parade of lovers in their carriage

Taunting the bereaved.

Run away

But still, the stench of despair

Will follow you anywhere.

How long the day.

@2017 Anj CP

I Wait For You

Every day, I’d save my best stories for you.

In my head, it always plays

with your unwavering gaze

And you’d find me interesting again.

Every morning, I’d wake up early

And spend hours in preparation

In hopes of catching your attention

And you’d see me beautiful again.
Every night, I’d sleep very late

Inhaling the scent of our sheets

Wishing in my dream, we’d meet

And you’d care for me again.
And you’ll never guess

How long I’ve been waiting

The days I spent in yearning

Are long and unsure
But I am patient.

@2017 Anj CP

Romancing the Undead

Oh to be in love with the undead is a tricky business

How do I wipe the cringe from my face every time you trace it with a cold finger? 

How do I hold your unblinking gaze?

How do I look unfazed when you stare at me with steely blankness?

But I love you beyond warmth, beyond life, beyond time 

And my singular hope is that this burning yearning, my passion unending is enough to bring the blush back to your cheeks, the warmth of your kisses on my neck, the longing in your loins. 

Until those dreams come true, I share my breath with you. 

© 2016 Anj CP

*A late Halloween-inspired love poem 😊

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