Yes, I promised myself this year that I would write at home, in the car, when I walk…in short, I promised to actively engage myself in the process of writing. There are days when it’s hard. I feel like I’ve squeezed all the juice in me, and there is none left to write. But there are times, especially when I walk early in the morning, that clarity ensues, and yes, ideas flow! So, be it an easy day, or a hard day, I promise that I will make writing a habit.

I created this new blog because these poems are not particularly for kids. It is a compilation of my earliest poems growing up, as well as new ones I’ve written along the way. In this little space, on top of everything else that clutters my life, I have made room for the simple joy of writing.

I hope that through this, you find what you want to make room for in you life as well =) Happy Reading!