You were always the romantic

You pack poems with my meal

You scribble endearing love notes

You never hide how you feel.


I wanted to reciprocate

I didn’t want to be outdone

And so I planned this grand gesture

To show I was the sweeter one.


I made a hundred paper cranes

Set to fly over your head

You’d come home to fragrant petals

All leading up to our bed


A love gram of three grown men

Dressed in matching candy-striped shirts

Followed by a choir of angels

In their halos and long, white skirts


All I wanted was to best you

In your every loving thought

I wanted to outspend you

In all the things you bought


I forgot along the way

That you never meant to compete

That our love for each other

Was what made us complete


Now I have the simplest sorry

To whisper softly in your ear

I don’t need to offer the world

Just you and me here.