For Princess Di

I dug deep into my stash of scratch paper for this poem. It definitely reflected my youth, and my obvious naivete. I was still young-ish when Princess Diana of Wales died tragically. She was a very popular princess, and even until now, when you search the word ‘princess’ on Google, her name would come out as the top suggestion. Though I never admitted it or showed support, I think I might have liked her (or the idea of her). After all, I was sad enough to make a poem in her memory. ‘Nuff said.

I saw her life flashed on TV
She blossomed into such beauty

I read her story on the daily
Ruined by her own family

I covered my ears when she
Was murdered by paparazzi

Truth ruined my fantasy
Of life in the lap of luxury

But then again…

If death is of certainty
I’d still rather be royalty.